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      1. Company News
        Hot Products
        car water pump Manufacturer In China
        JINGYUAN Auto Parts Co., Ltd is located in Wenzhou, China, which is a famous manufacturer in automobile parts industry. JINGYUAN have been producing and exporting water pump oil pump for 20years, jingyuan has 800 workers, and produces and exports 500000pcs water pumps each month.car water pump oil pumps for AUDI,BMW,BUICK,BENZ, CHRYSLER,FORD,FIAT,GMC,HONDA,HYUNDAI,KIA,MZADA,MITSUBISHI,
        NISSAN,OPEL,PEUGEOY,TOYOTA,VOLVO etc,Our products are exported all over the word,USA,EUROP,MIDDLE EAST,SOUTH AFTICA,countries and districts.and so on
        truck water pump Manufacturer